Concrete Restoration Done Right the First Time

Since our humble beginnings in 1985, our remedial concrete clients continue to be our best source of advertising.  Word-of-mouth has led to a majority of our business - coming from repeat customers and from referrals.  We frequently hear complimentary stories along the lines of “you did a great job of repairing the spalling on their high-rise” or “the parking deck never looked better after your crews were done” from prospective clients who were referred to us.

Our client list includes demanding and discriminating high-end luxury resorts, neighborhood high-rise and low-rise condominiums, commercial office buildings, stand-alone parking structures (where every parking stall is measured in revenue gained or lost), and more.

Concrete Repair Service

 A fundamental requirement of concrete repair projects is the implementation of corrosion mitigation measures to address corroding in the reinforcing elements.  Any other approach would be much less cost-effective!  Our staff would be pleased to share the details of how our crews use the latest science and technology to extend the service life of your properties. We can also show you how our repair systems employ a variety of technologies to extend the time interval between repair cycles.

Read more about our concrete restoration systems here. 


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