Uretek Compaction Grouting, Void Filling and Re-leveling

Uretek® Grouting

Uretek™ expanding polymer grouts are the state-of -the-art in grouting products and technologies. Both Uretek™ USA (Corporate) and Structural Systems are committed to providing cutting edge technologies to maintain and extend the serviceability of highways, roads, bridge approach and departure ramps, and underground tunnel/storm sewer infrastructure assets. Uretek™ is a non-invasive, cost effective pavement lifting and soil stabilization solution. This technologically advanced grouting system improves and repairs unstable soils. Among the thousands of projects completed successfully in the U. S., substrates at bridge approach and departure slabs, at building and road pavements, and subsurface soils surrounding tunnels and storm sewers, have been repaired with their bearing capacity restored and water inflow eliminated. The work is completed with minimal disruption of traffic flow and daily business activities. In comparison, outdated systems frequently use very disruptive repair methods that stop, interrupt, or hinder traffic flow significantly, and commercial operations for days or weeks.

Uretek® Advantages

• The Uretek Method® fills voids immediately beneath highways and roads, stabilizes and lifts bridge approach/departure ramps, runways and taxiways, and around underground tunnel or storm sewer infrastructure - it is precise, fast and non-invasive.

• The patented Uretek Deep Injection® Method is used when base soils fail and/or underground infrastructure is involved - to depths of 30 feet and beyond. The Uretek Deep Injection® Method stabilizes the soil beneath the pavement surface to prevent future problems.

• Uretek486, our patented polymer material, is hydro-insensitive and environmentally neutral.

• Uretek 486 is a rapid curing polymer that allows pavement surfaces to be restored to service within 15 minutes of a project’s completion.

• With 75,000 completed projects worldwide the Uretek team has the expertise to put you in control of your soil stabilization and concrete lifting problems. Their resume include projects completed with over 40 State DOTs nationwide - and ongoing, annual contracts with over 15 DOTs .

The URETEK Method® for Concrete Lifting

URETEK utilizes patented, high-density structural grade geopolymer to lift, realign, and stabilize sunken concrete floors and foundations, trip hazards, mismatched joints. URETEK geopolymer replaces older slabjacking methods such as mudjacking.

URETEK’s patented, Deep Injection® Process is a proven, non-destructive, extremely effective solution to increase soil load bearing capacity and compact weak soil strata without major debris or lengthy construction processes.

URETEK utilizes patented, high-density geopolymer to effectively seal leaking infrastructure such as manholes, lateral lines, culverts, and numerous other inflow and infiltration applications WITHOUT excavation.

Permeation Grouting

Permeation Grouting

Permeation grouting is the direct pressure injection of a fluid grout into the ground to fill the spaces between particles. Permeation methods are effectively used to fill voids, cracks, fractures, cavities, and to create barriers to the movement of liquids through the ground. Structural permeation grouting, when used in granular soils, permeates the spaces between the soil particles, binds the particles together, and improves the soil’s bearing capacity. This process is not necessarily intended to restrict water but when injection points are laid-out in a well-designed grid pattern, these masses interconnect to form an underground structure or curtain that inhibits fluid migration from moving through the soil. The process is flexible and can be tailored to site-specific conditions. It causes minimal disruption at the surface and is therefore advantageous for use in urban areas or areas of limited access.


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