Commercial Drilling in Honolulu, Hawaii (HI)

With a variety of limited-access drill rigs in our fleet, we can take on those low-overhead or “way in the corner” installations that are not accessible by larger rigs.  We also have a number of full-size rigs with the muscle to take on tough drilling through rock and installations to 100 feet deep or more. No matter what type of drilling solution you need, we can provide it!

Drilling Systems

Read more about our commercial drilling systems here.

Deep foundation systems, including micro-piles, anchors and tiebacks, are proven solutions to problems presented by unstable or unsuitable soil conditions.  Our crews have installed a range of small-diameter drilled systems on all the major Hawaiian islands. These systems include soil nails, permeation and consolidation grouting, as well as drilling probes and grouting voids for new developments.

Where existing as-built construction or conditions limit access for larger foundation construction equipment, our fleet of limited access rigs can install a range of drilled systems in a variety of subsurface conditions.  Our systems have been installed and tested to loads as great as 300 kips or 150 tons. Our local architectural and engineering community use these capabilities to allow development of lands previously considered “unsuitable” due to inaccessibility or difficult soil conditions. Our systems have been key to the design and construction of several commercial and residential developments on Oahu and Neighbor Islands.   


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