Puowaina Bridge Slope Stabilization

Due to continuing erosion over the years, the "uphill" abutment for this critical link to the Tantalus/Round Top residential area needed to be stabilized and protected.  Repair plans called for construction of an structural shotcrete facing to prevent any escalation of the erosion and undermining of the abutment

The reinforced shotcrete facing was anchored with 20 drilled and temporarily cased 4.5" soil/rock anchors installed into the underlying rock and soil strata.  Crews mobilized multiple pieces of "long reach" equipment to solve the access issues at this site.  Structural Systems' customized drilling platform is equipped with a 360º hydraulically powered arm capable of installing drilled systems over a wide range of angles.

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The anchor locations extended to approximately 50 feet above a very active and narrow 2 lane roadway.   Each anchor was drilled through an initial shotcrete layer into the substrate material.  All anchors were tested and permanently locked off at the specified loading. An architectural shotcrete fascia sculpted to look like rock provided the final permanent and aesthetically natural finish.

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