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Custom Maui Estate

Million-dollar views greeted our crews as they mobilized and installed the deep foundation system for this opulent residential estate on the south shore of Maui. When completed, this project totaled approximately 6000 linear feet of drilled and grouted injection micro-piles. 235 micro-piles were installed under the guidance and direction of the Owner’s design team, which included geotechnical/field engineers.  

This site is in close proximity to Maui’s premier south shore tourist area and exclusive luxury residences. Drilled and grouted 2” diameter galvanized hollow-core bars provided the deep foundation for construction of a custom beachfront residence in Maui. Foundation loads were transferred to the deeper coral and basalt/lava layers to provide load-bearing capacity for construction to follow.

Our crews employed extra measures to manage and control drilling and grouting spoils.  Curtains, fences and catchment systems were constructed to contain construction debris generated from the pile installations.  Careful production management maximized effective usage of limited on-site staging areas for materials stockpiling and allowed our crews to complete all the work within a total duration of approximately 2 working months. 

Project highlights include:

ŸR51 (51mm or 2”) hollow core bars

Ÿ4.9” micro-pile design diameter

Contact one of our estimators to see how we can assist with your deep foundation construction requirements, be it for a new project, or for the upgrade or repair of an existing structure.

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